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Take control of your package with my customization options below <3


Starting from $250

Engagement Sessions

Natural. Timeless. Real. 

1 Hour on Location
10 Selects for Editing
Photo Proofs in Black and White and Colour

♥ Engagement Session are included when you book your wedding! ♥

Starting from $1,300

Wedding Day Photography

6 Hours $1,550
8 Hours $1,750
10 Hours $1,950
12 Hours $2,150

All Packages Include:

Engagement Session + Wedding Day With Carmela
Photos Proofs with Basic Editing
in Both Black and White

50 Selects for Detailed Retouch
USB or Hard Drive

Starting from $250


Make Sure Your Memories are
Captured with More Coverage!

2nd Photographer 
4 Hours $250
6 Hours $350
8 Hours $450
10 Hours $550
12 Hours $650

*There is a 4 hour minimum*


Do I Really Need a 2nd Photographer?

Multiple angles, detailed coverage, better chance of capturing those “once in a lifetime” moments… Feel secure with more professionals at work at once. With many years of experience, I am fully confident working on my own, however, you will always get more value by having that second angle of your very special day. Customize your package according to your schedule.

Can I hire Someone for a Certain Number of Hours?

You can hire additional coverage as you need it, with a 4 hour minimum. Save and optimize your coverage! I strongly recommend a 2nd shooter for at least the first 6 hours of your day to help with morning coverage in multiple locations, and various angles during your ceremony, bridal party shoot, entrance, and first dance. As your evening progresses into your reception, you may choose the coverage you need.

Why Don’t You Offer Prints?

To keep my packages as affordable as possible, I do not offer prints. I provide USBs or hard drives, where your copies are endless and you don’t pay any printing, company overhead or production inflation costs.

Why Do Some Locations Require Permits?

Some beautiful and much sought after locations will require shooting permits. We must acknowledge this requirement when choosing locations for your photos.


A 50-70% deposit is required at time of booking to secure your date.

Do You Do Video?

Yes. On special occasions. Please contact for pricing options. View samples here.

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